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Listeners of community radio are super engaged!

These stations focus on local issues and interests, not usually covered by bigger media, creating a loyal and attentive audience. This means your ads are more likely to be heard and acted upon. #LocalFocus #EngagedAudiences 🎙️👂✨

PLUS these Factors back the Hype:

  • Focused Content: Broadcasting local news and community issues.
  • Language and Culture: Connecting through local languages and cultural topics.
  • Community Trust: High trust levels within local communities.
  • Listener Participation: Encouraging active audience involvement.
  • Local Business Support: Ads more relevant to local listeners.
  • Limited Ad Competition: Fewer ads mean less competition for attention.

2. Justin's Station Spotlight



Introducing Kosmos-FM, a community radio station that stands apart. Kosmos-FM is a neighbour, a confidant, a heartbeat, knowing its listeners (often by name!) their moods, local concerns and intimately understands their listeners’ needs and their shopping patterns heads. So, when it comes to advertising – they understand what their listeners look for and what they can afford making them perfectly positioned to reach (and serve) the entire spectrum of listeners, regardless of their income, location, beliefs and religion.

But they are more than just a radio station. In collaboration with the Local Municipality, Kosmos-FM shares vital information, supports fundraisers, and broadcasts at events that matter (often pro-bono!). From schools to clinics, NPOs to welfare centres, they champion the unsung heroes often overlooked by others. In 2023 alone, they secured over 500k for a Witbank community caring for 80 destitute families, transforming it into a haven of hope.

Their airwaves resonate with unity, breaking ethnic boundaries. Kosmos-FM proves that their community is a tapestry of shared responsibility. Kosmos-FM isn’t just a station; it’s a lifeline, a soundboard amplifying the heartbeat of a diverse and caring community. Tune in, connect, and be part of something extraordinary with Kosmos-FM.


To translate or not to translate?

If you have the budget, and you’re after best results the answer is …definitely translate! Tailoring your ad to the local language increases relatability and impact, making it more effective for the engaged audiences of community radio. #LocalLanguageAdvantage 🌍🔊


Local Triumph - KFC's Hatfield Pop-up with Tuks FM on Community Radio


In a triumphant collaboration between Tuks FM and KFC, a Hatfield Pop-up became a local sensation, strategically leveraging community radio to build excitement, generate anticipation, and drive foot traffic to the limited-time Kentucky Town launch

Strategic Approach:

  • Station Selection: Tuks FM seemed the natural choice to target students living in Hatfield, KFC’s niche target market for this campaign. Using community radio’s local focus and the power of tapping into “their” community. Location was the key… No wastage!

  • Powerspot Kickoff: A delectable powerspot featured DJ-sampled delights, setting the stage for the Kentucky Town launch. The station captured the powerspot, maximizing reach by sharing it on Instagram.

  • Social Media Blitz: Engaging videos and posts heightened anticipation, leveraging various social media platforms. An exclusive interview with Mr. Waffles, the street food-inspired ambassador, added a personal touch.

  • Ongoing Community Promotions: Strategic ads persisted post-OB, guiding eager local listeners to the pop-up store.


  • Increased foot traffic and sales at the Hatfield Pop-up, showcasing the community’s robust response. There were lines around the block, turning the store into a massive success!

  • Social media engagement soared, amplifying the impact beyond the airwaves.

Community Impact:

This collaboration demonstrates the potency of community radio as a dynamic means to foster local engagement. Lines around the block signified the campaign’s profound resonance within the community, transforming a pop-up into a cultural phenomenon. This success underscores the ability to craft narratives that deeply connect with local audiences, translating into tangible, real-world results using Community Radio.

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