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Community Radio, Your Secret Weapon: 

Uncover the hidden potential of community radio. These stations may be small, but their impact is mighty. Discover how their trust relationship with their audience can give your brand a unique advantage:

Community radio stations are the beating hearts of local communities. They are trusted sources of information and entertainment. You could argue that trust is the cornerstone of Community Radio.

So the value of authentic communication can’t be overstated. It helps to create meaningful connections with your audience. By communicating authentically on these platforms, you can resonate deeply with the pulse of these engaged audiences and unlock their hearts and minds!


Jozi FM: Empowering the community, influencing change beyond the airwaves.

Jozi FM is more than just a radio station. It is a crucial social development partner and a powerful influence within its community. The station actively engages with local initiatives, addressing pressing social issues and promoting positive change. Through its programming, Jozi FM provides a platform for dialogue, empowerment, and community mobilisation, tackling topics ranging from health and education to entrepreneurship and civic engagement.

Advertisers looking to connect with the black urban Jozi (Johannesburg) market turn to Jozi FM. The station offers the right content and on-the-ground activation opportunities to help brands achieve their goals. Jozi FM understands that its listeners only choose what they enjoy, so it has learned how to win their love and attention and get advertisers’ stories told.

Leveraging its reach and influence, Jozi FM fosters social cohesion by entrenching its values through various initiatives such as; For The Princess sanitary pads drive which has enabled over 70,000 days of schooling for young girls in the community, this has been achieved in partnership with local informal businesses that give donations in exchange for advertising airtime.  If you want to reach Joburg’s discerning, powerful, influential black middle-class – take a leap to Jozi FM!


🌟 Unlock Trust through Stories 📖💼:

Embrace the power of storytelling on community radio. When sharing insights, weave them into a captivating narrative. Trust deepens through stories that strike a chord. 📻✨ #TrustBuildingNarratives


Jozi FM - Amplifying the Wallet Wise Drama Season 11 Campaign Impact


Standard Bank’s Wallet Wise Drama Season 11 aimed to supercharge financial literacy through relatable content. Adding Jozi FM to the latest season as a strategic focus to maximize the campaign’s impact in Gauteng.

Strategic Approach:

  • Recognizing the dynamic role of Jozi FM, the campaign harnessed the influential potential of community radio in delivering vital financial education.

  • Crafting 15 engaging on-air episodes in English addressing diverse financial pillars, deeply resonating with the local audience.

  • Employing a sophisticated social media strategy to amplify on-air messages and drive heightened engagement.


  • Jozi FM’s English material downloads well exceeded expectations.

  • Social media exposure and engagement on Jozi FM outperformed the biggest ALS stations in the country.

  • The campaign significantly increased reach, upweighting Gauteng by an impressive 449,000.

Community Impact:

Jozi FM’s success in this campaign is a testament to the profound impact of community radio. Despite its smaller size, the station was pivotal in making financial literacy accessible to the Gauteng community. The substantial downloads and heightened social media engagement underscore the effectiveness of community radio in connecting with and influencing local audiences.

Key Takeaways:

  • Jozi FM, representing community radio, exemplifies its exceptional ability to reach and engage audiences effectively.

  • The campaign illuminates the unique power of community radio in delivering tailored content to local communities.

  • Jozi FM’s stellar performance underscores the vibrancy of smaller stations, affirming that impactful campaigns can indeed emerge from community radio platforms.

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