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In this edition, we shine a spotlight on the richness of community radio and today we’re chatting about Bay FM 107.9, a cornerstone of the community, that excels in delivering top-notch content and plays a vital role in keeping us connected and informed.


Community radio stations are independent, non-profit gems run by and for the community. They entertain, educate, and inform in a language the local audience understands.

In South Africa, community radio stations are crucial for engagement, diversity, and inclusivity. They amplify local voices and interests.

Investing in community radio means supporting platforms that foster real connections and empower communities. Join us in keeping the heart of the community beating strong.


BAY FM - 107.9

Bay FM 107.9 is a beacon of cutting-edge community radio, serving Port Elizabeth and its surrounding suburbs, including Despatch, Uitenhage, Jeffrey’s Bay, and more. Bay FM provides quality, relevant programming in English, Afrikaans, and isiXhosa.

What sets Bay FM apart is its unwavering commitment to its audience. By maintaining close ties with listeners, supporters, and stakeholders, Bay FM stays in tune with the community’s needs. This dedication has earned it prestigious MTN Radio Awards, highlighting its excellence.

Bay FM doesn’t just entertain—it informs and educates, considering the social, political, and economic environment of its diverse audience. Its programming inspires, motivates, and offers a platform for positivity and empowerment.

In essence, Bay FM 107.9 is more than a radio station; it’s a vital part of the community, reflecting its values and aspirations.


Content Creation and Differentiation

Community radio stations set themselves apart with a unique approach to content creation, prioritising the needs of their community. Community stations focus on localised content, addressing topics relevant to their specific audience, whether based on geography or shared interests.

This localised and focused approach is what makes community radio truly special.


Mambo’s Storage and Home on Bay FM

Mambo’s Storage and Home in Port Elizabeth, faced declining sales at one location. Seeking a targeted and effective advertising solution, they turned to Bay FM 107.9.

With ideal alignment in audience and excellent local coverage, it was a perfect choice. Mambo’s tested a three-month campaign with live reads. Six different scripts were rotated to keep the message fresh

The results were outstanding. Sales increased significantly, leading Mambo’s to extend the campaign for another six months. They now use a mix of recorded ads and live reads to maintain brand visibility and drive store traffic.

This successful partnership showcases the power of community radio in delivering targeted advertising and tangible results, proving Bay FM’s ability to connect businesses with their audience.

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