With a turnkey approach to solving clients briefs, MediaHeads 360 delivers ideas that drive high
impact campaigns with exceptional value using trusted partners. We are here to be of service.

At MediaHeads 360, we come up with the best solutions to make your brand stand out.

Our team of highly experienced creatives, campaign managers and production specialists have the full spectrum of expertise you need to build your campaign.  From concept creation to final delivery, our full service turn-key solution will take the uncertainty and stress out of implementing any campaign.

We’ve built great relationships with trusted media partners and are able to implement the same concept across multiple media platforms. We are dedicated to building a great campaign that best represents your brand and achieves the best results.

Content Marketing

Ever thought of integrating your brand, product and messaging into local content and storylines? Through strategically placed mentions, active & passive product placement we can take your brand “beyond 30 seconds” and into the hearts and minds of viewers in a unique and entertaining way. We can also craft expert content marketing videos to help your brand connect with the right audience on social media, digital platforms and television. On radio, we’re able to integrate your brand message into precious programming, giving you talk time in non-traditional advertising spaces.

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Tactical Television

We’ve created the perfect short-form tactical content solution for television with which viewers can engage with your brand in real time, through mobile, social media and digital second screen engagement. With our turn-key production capability, we’ve made it quick and easy for your brand to get in front of viewers in record time and our packaged deal includes negotiated rates and tailored discounts. We’ve also included post-campaign analysis and research for you to get real insights to build your next great campaign from.

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Radio Drama

If you are looking to develop a brand narrative that uses storytelling to connect, inform, educate and entertain, MediaHeads 360 can work with you to develop your own radio drama. We will help you build characters, develop scenarios, use suspense and intrigue to take your audience on an audio journey and deliver stories that engage your target market.

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Mobile Broadcast

We can get your brand moving…literally. Our mobile broadcast technology is a wireless communication system that allows you to broadcast from anywhere and while on the move. With our mobile connectivity, you can create engaging campaigns without compromising on the quality of the broadcast.

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Creation Ideation

At MediaHeads 360, we create solutions to make your brand stand out. Our team of highly experienced creatives, coupled with the great relationships we’ve built with trusted media partners, enable us to offer great ideas and see those ideas come to fruition as they’re implement across multiple media platforms. We are dedicated to building a great campaign that best represents your brand and achieve the best results.

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Influencer Marketing

We will create a buzz for your brand by connecting you to the right influencer who will maximise your brand in front of your target audience using a mix of traditional and new media.

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Campaign Management

Our rockstar team of campaign managers are involved in every detail of your campaign. They’ll work tirelessly to make sure that every element is executed according to the brief and will monitor, optimise and improve your campaign in real time to make sure it’s always a success.

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Campaign Tracking and Optimisation

Amending and optimising campaign mechanics on the go is key to success. We will help you do this and track the clicks, eye balls and ears of each campaign and convert it into a post campaign report, that gives you insight into your audience and understanding of your advertising campaign.

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We pride ourselves in producing meticulous research results that gives you insight into your audience. Our research technology and proven audience algorithms deliver trusted data through quantitative methods such as: face-to-face interviews, Mobile surveys, Online surveys, Social Media Surveys.

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Audio production

Creating an audio brand that fits your products and services is what our production team specialises in. Using our state of the art production suite, we’ll help you choose the right music, the right voice and we’ll record, edit and mix your audio to industry standards. Whether it’s a 30second advert or a 5-minute radio drama, our in-house creative and production team have all the expertise you need to bring your campaign to life.

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Our in-depth understanding of target audiences allows us to create awesome on-the-ground activations that connect consumers to your brand purpose.

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