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X Marks The Spot

We are a unique bunch of sun kissed individuals that form the layers of what Desmond Tutu described as, the “rainbow nation.” I’m not sure there are enough colours in a rainbow to accurately describe the people palette of South Africa, but we live up to our nation’s motto, unity in diversity. We have much […]

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Television Business Development Manager – Join MediaHeads 360 in Rosebank,Johannesburg

If you count yourself among the elite in high-performing television sales, adept at pitching andclosing, we need to talk. Position: TV Business Development Manager Take full ownership of driving in-content advertising across some of TV’s hottest shows (and even a few underdogs). You’ll enjoy the spotlight and significantly boost your earnings, presenting to clients’ daily […]

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The driver’s seat

On my mid-morning commute yesterday, I found myself behind a small white car whos’ back window neatly displayed a large red “L”.  My immediate reaction, whilst gearing down, was to move slightly right to see if there was an opportunity to test the power of my engine and swiftly pass the learner driver.  With on-coming […]

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Looking to connect with a passionate and loyal audience?

Gospel Superstars, the brand new gospel reality show on eTV offers a unique opportunity to elevate your brand and connect with millions of devoted viewers. Imagine: Your brand seamlessly woven into a show that celebrates the power and joy of gospel music. Here’s why Gospel Superstars is a perfect fit for your brand: Ready to […]

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Blame It On The Bunny.

The April Holiday signals the end of the first quarter of 2024 and it is an opportune time to take a few days to enjoy time with friends and family. As a Team, MediaHeads 360 also wraps up our financial year and we’re spending time reflecting on the past year and are looking forward to […]

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Keeping up with the MediaHeads Newsletter: Season 10, Episode 2: OK.

New Years resolutions for 2024 have been long shelved. Gym memberships, Park Runs, and the additional loyalty points for healthy purchases at grocery stores have been super-sized out the door for a dash of the old routine with an extra shot of expresso! As we enter the third month of the year I’m struck by […]

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MediaHeads 360 Celebrates 5 Years of Bold Evolution and Unstoppable Growth

MediaHeads 360, the dynamic advertising powerhouse that has been rewriting the rules of engagement since its inception, is thrilled to mark a significant milestone: five years of unstoppable evolution and growth. From its roots as Radioheads in 2005, the company has undergone an inspiring transformation, emerging as MediaHeads 360 in 2019 to reflect its expanded […]

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world radio day

World Radio Day 2024.

Chapter 43 of the latest book I’m reading starts with, “He was jolted awake from chaotic dreams by the radio alarm next to his bed”.  This is such a vivid line as I can see the small black box with large red numbers on the front. The radio probably has a thin wire that’s either […]

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A Campaign and a Half: MediaHeads 360’s Impactful Collaboration with Cadbury

A Glass and a Half of Generosity What is true generosity? Oprah’s profound definition from Oprah.com struck a chord with me. She says that genuine generosity is not just an act; it’s an act of courage. This sentiment lingered as I pondered over Cadbury’s strategic shift in 2019, transitioning from the “Joy” to “Generosity” brand […]

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Community Radio. Additional Value Beyond the Schedule. 

Home is where the heart is. It is where people understand you. It is where they hear you and speak your language. Home connects. Home has a sense of realness and the ability to humble you. Home is about the past; it is a place of memories. Home is the starting point of the future; […]

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