Blame It On The Bunny.

The April Holiday signals the end of the first quarter of 2024 and it is an opportune time to take a few days to enjoy time with friends and family. As a Team, MediaHeads 360 also wraps up our financial year and we’re spending time reflecting on the past year and are looking forward to continuing to work with our dynamic clients and making new partners in the year.

When considering briefs and the needs of our clients, we like to be practical, pragmatic, and progressive. At times, slow and steady wins the race, and on other occasions, we find ourselves pulling the proverbial rabbit out of a hat! Utilising platform and audience insights remains key in delivering targeted results, and coupled with this is the creative hook that drives memorable engagement and brand interaction. When outstanding creative meets brand essence, iconic campaigns are delivered. The bunny is particularly iconic at this time of year, but this isn’t the only time it gets to come out of the borough!

As a family that enjoys road tripping, I often think of the Caltex White Rabbit that used to welcome weary motorists to petrol stations across South Africa. Life-size white rabbits were often seen waving cars down, and the rabbit was also part of television and other marketing collateral for Caltex. From sticker books, mascots and posters, the white rabbit has become a beacon for travelers, symbolising quality rest stops and facilities. The use of characterisation was the creative key that turned many cars off the main road.

If you’ve ever had too much energy or been around someone who is particularly active and energetic, you might have heard of the concept of the Duracell Bunny.  The television advert of a Duracell battery powered bunny playing a drum and outlasting other bunnies powered by regular batteries has become a symbol of quality and power in the battery market. The bunny is part of the Duracell marketing make-up and has also become a colloquial symbol of energy and vigour in people. 

Well sculpted creative often leads to catchy lines and payoffs that resonate with the target audience. I haven’t had a glass of Nesquik in more than twenty years, but vividly remember the advertising campaign that allowed you to have another glass of the chocolate or strawberry milk powder mix and blame it on their fictional character.As you enjoy the long weekend coming up, if you happen to be slightly indulgent or over the top, have another one and blame it on the bunny.

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