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At MediaHeads 360, we're not just a team – we're a creative collective of dedicated specialists.

Welcome to MediaHeads 360, where creativity knows no bounds and innovation fuels success. Let’s embark on a journey to captivate audiences together!

For over 18 years, we’ve been forging remarkable outcomes that defy conventions while embracing our diverse influences, backgrounds and experiences.

With the South African context as our canvas, we masterfully translate and distil narratives that resonate with audiences. As Idea Engineers, we craft the blueprint for your campaign’s success, engineering brilliance that bridges the gap between potential and reality, all while taking the hassle out of campaign implementation! Our diverse team is plugged in to the here and now, ensuring your brand stays relevant and impactful in our dynamic media landscape.

We’re more than marketers – we’re storytelling experts who understand the pulse of what moves people. We find the sweet spot: where magic meets meaning. where strategy meets creativity, where potential meets precision, all coming together in a tantalising synergy of innovation, and meticulous attention to detail.

Candy Dempers

Working with our talented team at MediaHeads 360, I bring more than two decades of media experience to help your campaigns succeed. To me, our partnership means more than just a business deal; it's about building strong relationships through a mix of creativity, passion and strategy.

Making audio magic in our state-of-the-art studio

On the set at uBettina Wethu, all in a day's work!

Our team hard at work making your campaign a success!

Meet the Minds Behind Our Success

Candy Dempers MD
Candy Dempers

Managing Director

Candy Dempers has loved all things media for the last twenty-three years working as a sales and marketing specialist.

She is curious by design and her agile nature has always allowed her to adapt to the challenges of an ever-changing media landscape. She has a special love for radio that has seen her contribute to the success of several prominent radio brands, guiding commercial clients to best use this impactful medium. Candy was drawn to radio because of the way it builds relationships and the engagement it offers clients.

Her role in the last four years has been as Managing Director of MediaHeads 360, where she leads an upwardly creative and innovative specialist media team. Her role is at the intersection of traditional and digital media platforms, and the dynamic space that is created in the world of content. It is here that synergies are created for audiences, advertisers, consumers, and clients.

Having studied law and marketing, Candy has found the unique balance between the creative and corporate world. She is a solutionist who doesn’t leave anything to chance and tries to inspire her team to continually learn and embrace big ideas.

Kantha Govender

General Manager

Kantha Govender is a media leader with a composed demeanour and an excellent sense of humour!

Drawing from a diverse and extensive background in print, digital and media communications, Kantha brings a hands-on approach to lead, empower and support the dynamic team of game changers at Mediaheads 360. Her strategic acumen and versatile skillset are invaluable assets in driving success within this fast-paced industry.

Having called the media industry home for twenty years, Kantha is a natural in media operations and she strives to deliver comprehensive 360-degree content-rich campaigns for clients.

The ever-evolving digital economy has allowed Kantha to continually learn and adapt. This continual learning space provides in-depth knowledge to help clients find the most suitable and cost- effective solution.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Kantha’s interests in family, culture, and travel fuel her insatiable curiosity about the world around her.

Also important to know

BEE Level 1

As a level 1 BEE contributor, we’re deeply committed to diversity and transformation, both within our workplace and in the broader community. We go beyond regulatory standards to actively champion Employment Equity and Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment. These principles are foundational to our operations, driving us to be leaders in social change.

CX Credibility SA Certification

We are Subscribed to the CX Credibility SA Certification!  Our Certification shows that our business credentials have been voluntarily vetted, verified, and validated by an objective, independent third party.  Certification builds reputation, credibility and confidence and shows our commitment to raising the standard in our industry.  For more information you can order a report on us from CXCSA at https://cxcsa.co.za/contact/  or contact us to see our latest Certificate.

Every Official Language

At MediaHeads360, we are more than just a media agency; we are language experts, delivering impactful content and campaigns that resonate with diverse audiences across South Africa’s 12 official languages.

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