Season 2: Episode 4 – Regional Relates



The newest (and much anticipated) BRC RAMS audio listening data was released at the end of October, offering insight into listening trends across the country. The new dataset aims to deepen the level of understanding and insight into audiences for a medium that remains critical in the South African landscape.

The SABC has always enjoyed good audience numbers across their nineteen-radio stations and the newest RAMS data has further entrenched their position in the marketplace as a radio giant. Part of the success of SABC radio is that they have stations catering to all of South Africa’s official languages, offering full-service news, information and entertainment programmes to audiences. Coupled with this, most of the indigenous language radio services are also based in areas where the specific language use is prevalent.

Regionality allows radio services to be part of local communities, contribute to regional conversations and champion the essence of local culture and location. Regional radio services are more relatable as they’re better positioned to understand geographical nuance, the needs of audiences, language dialects and lifestyle options where they broadcast. 

Because of their direct involvement in the communities they operate in, regional radio has been able to develop a trust relationship with their audiences. This has been highlighted in the last twenty months with audiences turning to their local station for news and information during the pandemic. Regional radio creates and sketches context for the audience and makes information more relatable. Regional radio shares the lived experience of the audience, and it is in this process that the relationship between audience and station is deepend. A great example of the lived, local experience was displayed in the KFM Breakfast Show this week, Capetonians would know!

Regional stations are champions of industry and commerce in their communities and understand how their audiences react and buy products. Regional stations are champions of industry and commerce in their communities and understand how their audiences react and buy products. Audiences trust regional radio, making it an obvious platform to promote products and services which marketers and advertisers are taking note of, becoming more in-tune with the power of regional offerings and the reach they have.

If the latest audience numbers are anything to go by, it seems like an opportune time to invest some time into regional radio. As a company that is passionate about the power of audio, Mediaheads360 understands the value of regional radio. In the last year we have worked with astute brands that have invested in the power of regional radio and the results have been phenomenal. From vaccinations to vehicles and bank accounts to burgers, we can help you relate to regional audiences.

Tune into regional radio, the audiences are!

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