Season 2: Episode 1 – We Change and Are Changed

September is about Spring, warmer days and the unique smell that an afternoon thundershower leaves dwindling in the air. It’s about brown and yellow to green, cold to warm and the anticipation of change. The name of the season, Spring, says it all, it’s a jump or a leap to something else.

As we approach 538 days of Covid lockdown there is a general mood of wanting change and a hope that a sense of normality may return to our lives. There are robust debates about vaccinations, events and gatherings, the economy, science and what the future looks like as we tackle our current challenges.

What the new normal has showed us is that we are capable of navigating the continual challenges by changing. The words penned by the Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, “change is the only constant” ring true. It strikes me that as much as we change, we ourselves also change.

The last year and a half has demonstrated our tenacity, insight, ability and zest, both personally and professionally. As an industry we’ve adapted our thinking, client budgets and offerings to audiences. We’ve extended comfort zones, created new ones and have taken some hard landings. The way we conceptualise, create, consume and communicate has changed. Our vocabulary has changed, you’re on mute, but we are not silent to circumstance, we’ve changed.

Personally, our spaces have changed. A dining room is no longer just a table, it’s an office, a classroom and a hub for family time. That same make-shift dining table office has also changed into a nook or a revamped room with a personalised feel and a great online background, change is constant and it is about adapting to needs.

A recent article about a cleaner from Limpopo who obtained a degree shows that change can be daunting, functional, natural and inspirational. It is also a lesson that as we make changes, we also change. We change communities, families, customers, clients and environments. We change and are changed and this is a powerful expression when we consider our collective mood of wanting something better for the last quarter of the year.

As nature creates a momentous push of blooms and blossoms in Spring, it is also a celebration and reflection of where she is transitioning from (Winter). Let’s use this time to reflect on what has changed and how we’ve changed. Let’s also consider that not all change has been positive and that people around us have been affected on so many levels.

Let’s embrace the change we’re seeing in the seasons as an opportunity for a fresh start and renewed vigour!

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