In its simplest form, research could be described as the process of gaining more knowledge on a subject

In its simplest form, research could be described as the process of gaining more knowledge on a subject. We grow up asking questions, reacting to the answers, asking more questions and forming opinions. As humans, we often choose to ignore the answers and fly in the face of tried and trusted methods. It is in this process of research that new insight is gained and potential opportunity discovered. Growing up, the Team at Mediaheads360 were those kids who were naturally curious, interested in the world around them and constantly asking “why, where, how, who or when”.

The concept of research started at an early age often leading to broken arms, broken hearts and broken dreams. Questions were asked, answers were found, and more questions followed, fueled by natural curiosity. It is this curiosity that makes the Mediaheads360 Team an obvious choice when considering a partner to help drive a campaign or unlock a concept. We love research and the deeper insight it gives when having to make decisions on platforms, placement and performance.

With rapid shifts in people, media consumption and technology, the research space has opened to new methods and thinking. Brands have started to capitalise on the ability to use internal touch points to better understand their consumers, often unearthing interesting nuances and trends that traditional methods would battle to identify. Local knowledge coupled with local data creates localised solutions that serve consumers and advertisers.

From a South African radio perspective, it will be interesting to see how the research methodology develops in the short term. The BRC have already indicated the need for change and are working with the local radio industry to offer better insight.  The April BRC RAMS data shows radio is in a healthy space whilst the NAB Infinite Dial study showed a healthy listenership on traditional radio by audiences in metro areas as well as an appetite for on-line audio. When viewed collectively, the local and national research create a compelling story and powerful tool to amplify the radio sector.

Education around research, the methodology, and the use thereof, remain vital. Better understanding and questions create opportunity for targeted insights that can help grow and shape future campaigns. This is where our Team thrive, from understanding the landscape to seeing how audiences reacted to concepts and campaigns. A turnkey approach from pre-campaign planning to post campaign analysis is vital. In a recent Nielsen article it was said that, “If marketers are truly looking to improve customer acquisition, they need to ensure that every communication channel serves a purpose in the journey”. We feel the same could be said for research. If, like the Team at Mediaheads360, you have more questions than answers, then we’d love to engage with you in your research journey to make better media decisions.

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