QUICKFIRE FACT: Refue Mofokeng

MediaHeads 360 Head of Creative and Production from 2018.

Refue Mofokeng is an experienced media professional, specialising in radio innovation and production. Her areas of expertise include copywriting, content development and creative strategy.

After graduating from the AAA School of Advertising with a qualification in Copywriting, she joined the YFM team and worked her way up to be a thought-leader in her industry.

Refue’s holistic experience includes producing, presenting, promotions and implementation. She sites leading an audio and video production team at Kaya FM as key in positioning her as a critical contributor in the broadcasting arena.

Seven Quickfire Facts about Refue

• I once stood within 5m of Jill Scott, De La Soul, Mobb Deep, Kenny Latimore, Amel Larrieux… Now I am just bragging. When you work at radio stations, you meet so many famous people, both local and international.
• My guilty pleasure is binging on Christmas movies. They are so corny, but they speak to my inner little girl who loves fairy tales, prince charming and all things pink.
• My hidden talent is being able to twirl a mace-like champion. I used to be a drum majorette.
• People don’t know that I play a couple of instruments. Well, I used to in high school; clarinet, piano, drums. I also studied music production at Soul Candi. Those are things I don’t put on my CV. 😉
• My favourite cupcake is anything with caramel, cream and butter icing.
• My favourite campaign is Nando’s #RightMyName (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qUL4o0nxk9s&feature=emb_title). The high-impact campaign demonstrates that even after 30 years, spell check still doesn’t recognise South African names. The campaign took something we are so accustomed to accepting as normal and highlighted how easy it is to overlook basic human rights as part of the status quo.
• If I were an emoji, I would be😍. My friends call me the hippie in the mink. They say I’m too optimistic. Is there such a thing?