Seven Quickfire Facts about Kantha

Kantha Govender

MediaHeads 360 General Manager since 2019

Kantha is a seasoned media and communications specialist with an innovative and strategic approach. Kantha boasts a proven track record in Finance, Strategic and Commercial Management, Project Management, Content Management, Events Management, Social Media and Digital Communication.

Seven Quickfire Facts about Kantha

  • I once stood within 5m of the tallest building in the world. The Burj Khalifa. Its magnificence, height and views are mesmerising. True architectural genius.
  • My guilty pleasure is going on adventures on a Harley Davidsons. Growing up, I was always a Harley enthusiast. Other girls had posters of famous actors on their walls, I had Harley pictures. I now get to explore SA on the back of a Harley. I’m still passenger status, not driver status… yet 🙂
  • My hidden talent is writing poetry. I love playing with words, I especially enjoy using hip hop music to create funny songs for loved ones – I am always involved in party planning because of this.
  • People don’t know I can bake. I find baking therapeutic, and the best part is I get to devour it.
  • My favourite cupcake – this is a tough one, because I love cupcakes, but I would say a chocolate cupcake with caramel filling, topped with chocolate mousse icing.
  • My favourite campaign is the Standard Bank Mymo campaign. It is such an awesome concept and the first campaign I was fully involved in my new position at MediaHeads 360. The concept is around the DJs posting their summer moves and listeners viewing these moves and beating them. All I am saying is, SA is talented.
  • If I were a emoji, I would be the smiley face emoji 😊

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